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TeSys D-Line contactors and Thermal Overload Relays
TeSys D-Line contactors and Thermal Overload Relays

TeSys D-Line contactors and thermal overload relays, allows you to work faster with less risk while responding to a demanding marketplace. With more than one million contactors sold in the United States each year, Schneider Electric has used its industry expertise to design a new line of contactors that is completely compatible with former generations of the product. TeSys D-Line State-of-the-art connections allow you to reduce installation time up to 50 percent and wiring expense up to 80 percent. With nearly two centuries of combined electrical equipment experience, Schneider Electric, through its Square D® and Telemecanique brands, offers one of the most reliable and innovative lines of contactors and thermal overload relays on the market today

The TeSys D-Line contactor range is designed to integrate seamlessly into automation systems and DC control circuits. The D-Line contactor range:

  • Has similar dimensions to an AC contactor.
  • Includes one NO and one NC auxiliary contact as standard on each contactor.
  • Provides wide coil operating range (70 to 125% of nominal DC voltage).
  • Complies with automation system standards
  • Can use power from back-up sources (e.g., generators and batteries, etc.)
  • Includes built-in surge suppression by bi-directional diode.
  • Provides low noise-level interference on contact closure. Provides excellent resistance to shock and vibration.

The benefits of using low-consumptionTeSys D-Line contactor includes:

  • Temperature rise is one-third that of an AC coil. – Allows for compact, electrical equipment – Eliminates forced cabinet ventilation – Increases reliability over time
  • Smaller power-supply unit.
  • 100mA/24V contactors are directly controlled. – By high-density PLC outputs – By dedicated electronics – Network communication modules are available
  • Interfaces deleted. – Offers simplified wiring – Allows greater availability of equipment
  • Long runs of wires can be used because line voltage drop effects are reduced.

Download the TeSys D-Line contactors and Thermal Overload Relays spec sheet below or call 714.835.6211 for more information.