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Amp-Trap 2000 Fuses

The Amp-Trap 2000 fuse family encompasses a wide range of sizes and current ratings, so it’s all you need to bring maximum protection to your electrical system. Choose Amp-Trap 2000 Class L fuses for your service entrance. Compact Class J fuses (and their smaller, less costly fused switches) for new installations. Class RK1 fuses to upgrade your existing circuit protection. And Class CC fuses for your smallest motors and transformers

In addition to their high current-limiting ability, Amp-Trap 2000 fuses feature:

  • Time-delay, to handle inrush currents from motor starters and transformers without nuisance opening.
  •  Easy 2:1 selectivity that helps avoid nuisance shutdowns and blackouts.
  • Long-lasting metal-embossed dates and catalog numbers for easy traceability and preventive maintenance.
  • A fiberglass body that provides dimensional stability in harsh industrial environments.
  • An instantly recognizable, bright orange label.

With Amp-Trap 2000 fuses, you’ll be assured of the best protection — upstream and downstream.

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